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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Weekly Quiz 3

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Question 1

Chip thickness ratio is always ________.

Question 2

Which of the following materials when added improves the machining of copper?

Question 3

The difference in pressure (in N/m2) across an air bubble of diameter 0.001 m immersed in water(surface tension=0.072 N/m) is ___________.

Question 4

Two finned surfaces with long fins are identical, except that the convective heat transfer coefficient for the first finned surface is twice that of the second one. What statement below is accurate for the efficiency and effectiveness of the first finned surface relative to the second one?

Question 5

A disc clutch with a single friction surface has coefficient of friction equal to 0.3. The maximum pressure which can be imposed on the friction material is 1.5 MPa. The outer diameter of the clutch plate is 200 mm and its internal diameter is 100 mm. Assuming uniform wear theory for the clutch plate, the maximum torque (in N.m) that can be transmitted is _____

Question 6

The state of stress at a point under plane stress condition is  σxx = 40 MPa, σyy = 100 MPa and τxy = 40 MPa. The radius of the Mohr's circle representing the given state of stress (in MPa) is ________.

Question 7

In a four bar mechanism , length of a crank, connecting rod, rocker and fixed link are 4cm, 5cm, 6cm and 8cm respectively. Choose the correct option.

Question 8

A cyclic machine shown in figure, receives 325 kJ from a 1000 K energy reservoir. It rejects 125 kJ to 400 K energy reservoir. The cycle produces 200 kJ of work as output. This cycle is

Question 9

A spring has wire diameter d and coil diameter D . If d and D are halved, the resulting deflection will be _________.

Question 10

Engine oil of viscosity 1.25 × 10-3 (m2/s) is flowing through a pipe of radius 1 m. The average velocity of oil through the pipe is 1.2 m/sec. If the velocity profile is parabolic profile then maximum velocity of oil is ________.

Question 11

Ball bearings are generally made up of _________.

Question 12

A thin cylinder of diameter 15 mm, thickness 3 mm, pressure 10 N/m2 and Poisson's ratio 0.5, the longitudinal strain is ________.
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