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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Weekly Quiz 2

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Question 1

The target date of completion of a project is the length of the critical path. The earliest occurrence of events of the tail node (i) and head node (j) of an activity, i-j, in the critical path are 7 and 10 days respectively. The free float of this activity is ______ days.

Question 2

A hole is to be punched in a 30 mm thick plate having an ultimate shear strength of 4 MPa. If allowable crushing stress in the punch is 8 MPa, the diameter of the smallest - hole which can be punched is equal to ______ mm.

Question 3

A cantilever of length 3m is carrying a point load of 50kN at a distance of 2m from the fixed end. If I= 108 mm4 and E= 2 × 105 N/mm2 . Find the deflection at the free end.

Question 4

Ratio of the buckling strength of the hollow steel column to that of solid square column of the same material, same cross section area, same length. The ratio of outer to inner diameter of hollow column is 2

Question 5

In a orthogonal turning operation the chip thickness, ratio is 0.5 and the rake angle,  is 10.What is the coefficient of friction for minimum power consumption?

Question 6

Water at 90 flowing at the rate of 2 kg/s mixes adiabatically with another stream of water at 30 flowing at the rate of 1 kg/s . For an ambient temperature of 300 K, the exergy loss due to mixing is _____ kW

Question 7

A 1 cm diameter, 30cm long fin made of aluminum (k = 237 W/m-oC) is attached to a surface at 80oC. The surface is exposed to ambient air at 22oC with a heat transfer coefficient of 11 W/m2-oC. If the fin can be assumed to be very long, its efficiency is

Question 8

The specific humidity of moist air is 0.0107 kg/kg of dry air . The total atmospheric pressure is 98.75 kPa. The saturation temperature (in °C) is______.(use linear interpolation if needed)
 Here Pis partial pressure of vapour and Tsat is corresponding Saturation temperature.

Question 9

On cooling, a solid phase and liquid phase together form in solid phase during __________ reaction.

Question 10

A body of weight 20 N is resting on a horizontal surface. The coefficient of friction between the body and surface is 0.3 and a force of 5 N is acted upon on the body. Calculate the frictional force acting on the body_____?

Question 11

The ratio of the inside diameter to the outside diameter for maximum torque transmitting capacity for old brake

Question 12

Two very large parallel plates have emissivities  = 0.5 and  = 0.9. the plates are maintained at uniform temperatures of  = 600K and  = 400K. What will be the net rate of radiation heat transfer between the two surfaces per unit area of the plates?
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