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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Weekly Quiz 1

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Question 1

Oil of viscosity 0.15 Pa-s and specific gravity 0.90, flows through a horizontal pipe of 30 mm diameter. If the pressure drop per meter length of the pipe is 15 kPa. Determine the Reynolds number of the flow __________.

Question 2

Which of the following correctly represents the view factor matrix of two infinitely long flat plates facing each other (non-facing side of each plate is insulated)?

F =

Question 3

Which of the following graphs correctly illustrate the variation of pressure angle with time for an involute teeth meshing?

Question 4

In an air standard diesel cycle the compression begins at 0.2 MPa, 50ºC and 1500 kJ/kg heat is added. Assume the compression ratio is 12. The maximum temperature (in ºC) in the cycle is (For air, Cp = 1.005 kJ/kg K, Cv = 0.718 kJ/kg K)

Question 5

In a certain machining operation with a cutting speed of 50 m/min, tool life of 45 minutes was observed. When the cutting speed was increased to 100 m/min, the tool life decreased to 10 minutes. The cutting speed for maximum productivity of tool change time is 2 minutes will be _________ m/min.

Question 6

Step angle of the stepper motor is degrees per pulse and the pitch of lead screw is p mm. If gear ratio is G, then number of pulses required to achieve a linear movement of x mm is,

Question 7

Consider the following PERT network:
The critical path duration of the network (in days) is _______.

Question 8

The inlet condition of a Brayton cycle with perfect regenerator (heat exchanger) is 100 Kpa and 300 K. If the temperature at the end of expansion is 600 K and higher pressure is 200 Kpa. Find the amount of heat exchange by the regenerator (in KJ/kg) _________.

Question 9

There is a rotating bar made up of steel σut = 650 MPa. which is subjected to a completely reversed bending stress. The corrected endurance limit of the bar is 300 MPa. The fatigue strength of the bar for a life of 100000 cycles will be_____ ( in MPa)

Question 10

The change in tool life when the cutting velocity is increased by 30%.

(Take n = 0.45 , C = 420)

Question 11

A 1 ton refrigeration capacity water cooler cools water steadily from 35 °C to 20 °C. The specific heat of water is 4.18kJ/kg. What is water flow rate in litre/hr?

Question 12

Description: Description: 02_Thermodynamics_BLok_files\image030.png
A piston cyclinder arrangement as shown above, contains air at 250 kPa, 3000C. The 50 kg piston has a diameter of 0.1 m and initially pushes against stops. The atmospheric pressure is 100 kPa and temperature is 200C.The cyclinder cools as heat is transferred to the ambient.At what temperature (in 0C) does the piston begin to move down?
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