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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Weekly Quiz 1

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Question 1

Match the following:

(P) Symbol tables – 1) Graph coloring

(Q) Parsing – 2) Self-organising lists

(R) Register allocation – 3) Heuristic ordering

(S) DAG – 4) Production tree

Question 2

Consider the undirected graph G defined as follows. The vertices are bit string of length 5. We have an edge between vertex “a” and vertex “b” iff “a” and “b” differ only in one bit position (i.e., hamming distance1).
What is the ratio of  the chromatic number of G to the diameter of G?

Question 3

A set of Boolean functions is functionally complete, if all other Boolean functions can be constructed from this set and a set of input variables are provided. Which of the following is not functionally complete?
(1) F(A, B) = A’ + B.
(2) F(A, B) = A + B
(3) { XOR, 1, AND }
(4) { XOR, 1, NOT }

Question 4

Which of the following is false?

Question 5

Consider the following graph G:

The total number of minimum cost spanning trees possible for G is equal to _______

Question 6

In case of primary clustering, if we have a hash table of size 15 and a run of 5 elements then the probability of filling an element at the slot just after that run of elements will be ___. (up to 2 decimal places)

Question 7

Consider a system with 4 processes and 3 resources. Total resources in the system given as:

Assume the system has following information.

Which of the following is correct statement when above system runs the deadlock avoidance algorithm?

Question 8

Consider the following classes:

X = Class of all recursive languages

Y = Class of all context sensitive languages

Z = Class of all recursive enumerable languages

Which of the following relation is correct?

Question 9

Suppose you want to move from 0 to 100 on the number line. In each step, you either move right by a unit distance or you take a shortcut. A shortcut is simply a pre-specified pair of integers i, j with i < j. Given a shortcut i, j if you are at position i on the number line, you may directly move to j. Suppose T(k) denotes the smallest number of steps needed to move from k to 100. Suppose further that there is at most 1 shortcut involving any number, and in particular from 9 there is a shortcut to 15. Let y and z be such that T(9) = 1 + min(T(y), T(z)). Then the value of the product yz is _____.

Question 10

Given a code
void test(int n)
int i = 0;
if(n > 1)
printf(" + ");
How many time + will get printed if n = 6;

Question 11

Consider this statement "If the bank was robbed, then I will not have any money".

 Given p: "The bank was robbed" and q: "I will not have any money", which of the following are correct?

(1) The converse is pq

(2) The inverse is qp

(3) The contrapositive is qp

Question 12

Which of the following is correct about self-relocating program?
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