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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Quiz 8

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Question 1

Consider a scenario of modified quick sort, where we have given an input sorted array A[1 . . . n], all elements of array are distinct and n ≥ 3. Pivot is the median of set of 3 elements [First element, middle element, and last element]. What will be worst case time complexity of modified quick sort?

Question 2

Consider two sorted arrays A and B having distinct elements, but there may be many elements common in both A and B . What is the best case time complexity for the intersection of two arrays A and B?

Question 3

Which phase uses finite state automata?

Question 4

The minimum number of state required for deterministic finite automaton that accepts the regular language L = {w|w has an even number of 0’s and each 0 is followed by at least one 1} ________.

Question 5

Consider the following table with 4 processes:

If the system is having 150 unit of resources, Identify the value of X and Y for which the system will not be safe?

Question 6

Three 4 bit shift registers are connected in cascade as shown in figure below. Each register is applied with

A 4 bit data 1011 is applied to the shift register 1. What is the minimum number of clock pulses required to get same input data at output?

Question 7

Consider the following representation of an number in IEEE 754 single-precision floating point format with a bias of 127

S : 1 E : 10000001 F : 11110000000000000000000

Here S, E and F denote the sign, exponent and fraction components of the floating point representation.

The decimal value corresponding to the above representation (rounded to 2 decimal places) is ________ .

Question 8

The wraparound time in TCP running at 109 bps is ___________ sec.[Rounded to 1 Decimal place]
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