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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Quiz 5

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Question 1

The process of making hollow castings of non-circular shape and desired thickness by permanent mould without the use of cores is known as ____.

Question 2

The change of bending moment w.r.t distance is equal to _______.

Question 3

Water-tube boilers are preferred for

Question 4

As per the Kennedy’s theorem, the instantaneous centres of three links having relative motion lies on a __________.

Question 5

A reversible engine operates between temperatures 900 k and T2(T2 < 900K) and another reversible engine between T2 and 400 K (T2>400 K) in series. The value of T2 if work outputs of both the engines are equal is

Question 6

The number of radiation shield screens in case of radiation heat transfer to reduce the radiation heat exchange by 80% is __________.

Question 7

The maximum efficiency of self locking screw is :

Question 8

A refrigeration plant uses a condenser with heat rejection ratio of 1.2. If the capacity of the plant is 210 kJ/min, then the value of the COP of the refrigeration plant is
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