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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Quiz 5

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Question 1

The double mass analysis is adopted to

Question 2

During a daily routine observation, 12.4 litre of water was added to bring the water surface in the evaporation pan to the stipulated level and the nearby raingauge measured 4.2 mm of rainfall. What was the evaporation recorded for the day (in mm, integer) if the diameter of the pan is 127 cm

Question 3

The number of additional gauges required in a catchment is ‘X’ times the present number of gauges required, if the error allowed in estimation of mean rainfall is reduced to one third of the present one. Value of ‘X’ is

Question 4

Consider following statements related to various types of rain gauges:

1. Tipping Bucket type rain guage gives intensity of rainfall

2. Weighing bucket type rain guage gives mass curve of rainfall.

3. Simon’s gauge is a Non recording rain guage.

4. Float type rainguage is used as standard recording type rainguage in India.

Correct statement(s) is/are :

Question 5

The rate of rainfall for successive 30 minutes period of a 4-hour storm are as follows:

3.2, 6.3, 8.0, 7.2, 6.5, 3.8, 3.8, 5.5 cm/hr. If the value of ϕ index is 4.2 cm/hr, then the value of w-index (cm/hr) is

Question 6

If the slope of infilteration capacity curve as shown in figure is -0.5756, the value of the constant K (i.e. the rate of decay of the difference between initial and final infilteration rate) in the Horton’s equation of infilteration capacity curve will be equal to (in time-1)

Question 7

During a 3 hour storm event, the rainfall was idealized as three one hour storm of intensity 8 mm/hr, 15 mm/hr and 10 mm/hr respectively and the infilteration was idealized as Horton’s curve, f = 5.4 + 7.6 e-t [f in mm/hr and t in hr]. If all losses other than infilteration are negligible, the effective rainfall (in mm) is

Question 8

Estimate the volume of water evaporated (in mm, correct to one decimal digit) from a lake in June month having following properties:

Surface area of reservoir = 350 ha

Water temp = 32°C

Relative humidity (RH) = 40%

Wind velocity at 9.0 m above the ground = 22 km/hr

ew = 20.44, em = 0.36

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