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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Quiz 5

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Question 1

For a sandy soil, the angle of internal friction is . If the major principal stress is 50 kN/m2 at failure, then the corresponding minor principal stress (in kN/m2) will be

Question 2

For locating an inaccessible point with the help of only a plane table, one should use:

Question 3

Which of the following are the calcareous Compound

1) Chalk  2) Limestone

3) Marl   4) Shale

5) Marine shell

Question 4

A mild steel bar is in three parts, each 20cm long. The diameters of parts AB, BC and CD, are 2cm, 1cm and 3cm, respectively. The bar is subjected to an axial pull of 4T, as shown in the figure.

Suppose E = 2 × 106 kg/cm2 and elongation in the three parts of the bar are Δ1, Δ2 and Δ3, respectively. Then the ratio of the greatest to the least of these elongations will be.

Question 5

Fineness of cement governs which of the following properties of cement

1) Rate of setting

2) Rate of gain of strength

3) Rate of pre hydration

4) Rate of evolution of heat

Question 6

An aerator basin with a volume of 400 m3 contains mixed liquor with a suspended solids concentration of 1000mg/l.The amount of mixed liquor suspended solids in the tank is……kg.

Question 7

Find the settling velocity of a discrete particle in water under conditions when Reynold’s number is 112 . The diameter and specific gravity of the particle is 5×10-2 cm and 2.65, respectively. Water temperature is 200 Celsius.

Question 8

If the velocity vector for a two dimensional fluid flow is given by

V = (ax + by) i + (cx + dy) j as a foundation of ‘x’ and ‘y’ the condition for irrotationality of flow is

Question 9

A marshal specimen is prepared for bituminous concrete with a bitumen content of 6% by total max weight. The mix's theoretical and measured unit weights are 2.45 g/cm3 and 2.37 gm/cm3, respectively. The bitumen has a specific gravity of 1.The percentage vote in a mineral aggregate filled with bitumen (V.F.B .) is is________%. (Mark answer to the nearest integer)

Question 10

The radius of a horizontal circular curve on a highway is 200m. The design speed is 90 kmph, and the design coefficient of lateral and longitudinal friction between the tyre and the road is 0.15 and 0.35, respectively. The maximum permissible speed on the curve if full lateral friction is assumed to develop would be ……….. m/s

(Round of to 2 decimal places)

Question 11

A foundation trench is to be excavated in a stratum of stiff clay, 8 m thick, underlain by a bed of sand. The ground water table is present at a depth of 2 m below the ground surface. The specific gravity of clay particles is 2.72 and void ratio of 0.72. If excavation is to be carried out safely to a depth of 6 m, by how much should the water table be lowered (in m) in the vicinity of the trench?

Question 12

Cost of the pumping will be in the ratio of x:The cost of pumping the same fluid at some volumetric rate through a 200mm diameter and 250mm diameter pipe has the same roughness k = 0.3mm, assuming Reynold's no. to very high. Find the value of x.
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