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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Quiz 4

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Question 1

A disk clutch is required to transmit 10 kW at 1000 rpm. Coefficient of friction lining is 0.2. Outside radius of friction lining is 60 mm. If uniform contact pressure is 1.2 MPa, then the bore radius of friction lining is _____ mm.

Question 2

A Rigid link PQ of length 2 m rotates about the pinned end Q with a constant angular acceleration of 12 rad/s2. When the angular velocity of the link is 4 rad/s, the magnitude of the resultant acceleration (in m/s2) of the end P is _________.

Question 3

A Pelton turbine is to operate under a net head of 500 m at 400 rpm. If a single jet with a diameter of 18 cm is used, find the specific speed of the machine.

Take Cv = 0.98,  and overall efficiency η0 = 0.85.

Question 4

A model boat, 1/100 size of its prototype has 0.12 N of resistance when simulating a speed of 5 m/s of the prototype. Water is the fluid in both cases. What is the corresponding resistance in the prototype? [The frictional forces can be neglected].

Question 5

Consider the following activity of a certain network:
Description: Description: 03_Industrial-Engg_BLok_files\image057.png
Then the value of
Description: Description: 03_Industrial-Engg_BLok_files\image058.png

Question 6

An unknown mass m is attached to one end of a spring of stiffness k having natural frequency of 6Hz. When 1 kg mass is attached with m the natural frequency of the system is lowered by 20%. Determine the value of unknown mass m and stiffness k (in kg and N/m respectively.)

Question 7

A cubical block of aluminum of side 220 mm is placed at a depth of 4 km in sea water. The change in the volume of block (in mm3), when placed in sea water is (take mass density of sea water is 1020 kg/m3, EAl = 70GPa, Poisson ratio = 0.25)

Question 8

A Roller bearing has a basic dynamic load rating of 50 kN. If the equivalent radial load on the bearing in 70 kN, the expected life in (106 revolutions) is
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