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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Quiz 3

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Question 1

Consider a new version of TCP header called TCP++. The header of TCP++ accommodates a round trip time of 200 ms, with bandwidth of 10 Mbps. The number of bits required for the advertised window (in bits) are ________.

Question 2

Database file consist 50000 records with record size 100 bytes, block size 512 bytes. If sparse B+ tree index build over given database file with search key size 20 bytes and both block pointer and record pointer are of sizes 12 bytes each. How many maximum index blocks required if node order P is defined as between ⌈P/2⌉ to P pointers per node?

Question 3

For a given matrix M =  where i =  the inverse of matrix M is

Question 4

The minimum number of comparisons required in order to find the maximum and minimum of 64 numbers using divide and conquer is equal to ________.

Question 5

Consider a non-pipelined processor with a clock rate of 4 GHz and an average CPI of 5. The same processor is upgraded to a pipeline processor with six, stages but due to internal pipeline delay, the clock speed is reduced to 3 GHz. Assume there are no stalls in the pipeline. What is the speedup achieved in this pipelined processor ?

Question 6

An AVL tree is constructed by inserting the following sequence of elements into empty AVL tree. After building AVL tree, if an element 14 is deleted from it, then number of levels present in AVL tree is ___ (assume root is at 1 level)

17, 14, 19, 16, 15, 18, 12, 13

Question 7

The output logic function ‘X ’ of the following MUX based circuit can be expressed as


Question 8

What is the number of seven digit integers possible with sum of the digits equal to 11 and formed by using the digits 1, 2 and 3 only?
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