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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Quiz 3

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Question 1

Pick up the incorrect statement:

Question 2

In a closed-loop traverse of 2 km total length, the closing errors in departure and latitude are 0.3m and 0.4m, respectively. The relative precision of this traverse will be 1 in …………..

Question 3

A pin-jointed truss, as shown in the figure below is,

Question 4

The following data were recorded in a constant head permeability test

Internal diameter = 6.5cm

Head loss over a sample length of 20cm = 26cm

Quantity of water collected in 60 seconds = 660 mL

The porosity of soil sample = 48%

The discharge velocity (in mm/s) is…………

(Round of to 2 decimal places)

Question 5

For designing a 2-phase fixed type signal at an intersection having North-South and East-West road where only straight ahead traffic is permitted, the following data is available.

Total time lost per cycle is 10 sec. The cycle length (seconds) as per Webster’s approach is

Question 6

Due to an emergency, a modular oxygen production plant is set up inside the boundary of a hospital. The plant produces a surcharge of 28.32 kN/m2 at the surface of the ground. The site Consist of a 7m clay layer that is resting on an impervious rock. The saturated unit weight of the clay is 21 kN/m2. The water table is at the surface. What will be the effective stress at the bottom of the clay layer after the placing of a plant (in kN/m2)

Question 7

RL of a factory flow is 30.5 m, staff reading on the floor is 1.61 m, and staff reading when the staff held inverted with bottom touching the tie-beam of the room is 3.7 m. Then the height of the tie beam above the floor is

Question 8

A two hinged semicircular arch of radius 5m carries a concentrated load, as shown in fig. The horizontal thrust at each support is……….. kN. (Round of to two decimal places)

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