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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Quiz 22

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Question 1

While conducting the flow measurement using a triangular notch, an error of +2% in head over the notch is observed. The percentage error in the computed discharge would be

Question 2

Consider following air pollutants

1. NO2

2. H2SO4

3. O3

4. Formaldehydes

Which of these pollutant(s) is/are secondary pollutant:

Question 3

A trapezoidal channel has a bottom width of 6m and a side slope of 1:1. The Depth of flow is 1.5m at a discharge of 15cm/sec. The hydraulic radius and average hydraulic Depth of flow, respectively, are---

Question 4

A factory uses 1.5 ML of fuel oil per month. The exhaust gases from the factory contain the following quantities of pollutants per ML per year. (Consider 300 working days in a year and 24 hours per working day)

I) Particulate matter= 4 ton/year
II) SO2 =20 ton/year
III) NOX =5 ton/year
IV) HC, CO and other = 3 ton/year
Determine the minimum height of the chimney for the safe dispersion of the pollutants.

Question 5

An open channel is of isosceles triangle shape, with side slopes 1 vertical and n horizontal. The ratio of the critical depth to specific energy at critical depth will be

Question 6

The water pressure at the base of gravity dam at the upstream was found to be 49.85 kN/m2. If the self-weight of the dam is 590.62 kN, the factor of safety against sliding (neglecting uplift forces) will be. Consider the coefficient of friction is equal to 0.25.

Question 7

A weir consists of a 36 m long horizontal floor with two sheet piles of 6 m and 8 m depth at the upstream and downstream end of the floor, respectively. Under an impounded depth of 4 m, the residual head at centre is _____ m.

Question 8

The uplift force on a dam having water depth of 65m at upstream and 5m at downstream and base width of 30m with no infiltration gallery provided will be _______kN. [Take Yw = 9.81 KN/m3]
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