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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Quiz 20

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Question 1

Addition of gypsum to the irrigation water is recommended to overcome difficulties posed by

Question 2Multiple Correct Options

The Design of retaining wall is done on the basis of following assumptions:

Question 3

Top ring of an Intze tank carries a hoop tension of 100 kN. The beam is 350 mm deep and 180 mm wide and is reinforced with 4 bars of 18 mm diameter of Fe-415 grade. If modular ratio of concrete is 13 then tensile stress in the concrete is

Question 4

20 MLD of water is flowing through a 3 km long pipe of diameter 50 cm. The quantity of chlorine used to treat the water is 4.5 mg/ℓ is applied at the entry of this pipe so that disinfected water is obtained at the exit of the pipe. The flow through pipe is supposed to be increased by 6 MLD . The minimum amount of chlorine (in kg per day) required to be applied to achieve the same degree of disinfection assuming the dilution coefficient 1 is ________

Question 5

Table below gives the details for a certain crop using the Blaney – Criddle equation and a crop factor of 0.75 . The consumptive irrigation requirement will be

Question 6

Electrical conductivity (EC) value of saturated extract soil is 13 mmho/cm. leaching requirement and depth of water to be applied in the field is 7.5% and 5.94 mm. the value of consumptive use is ____ mm.

Question 7

The amount of bleaching powder having 25% chlorine required per day to chlorinate water supply for 50000 people at the rate of 50 lpcd having chlorine demand of 2 mg/l is……kg.

Question 8

As per the limit state of collapse, the design load that will be taken in kN is?

Dead load = 100 KN

Live load = 50 KN

Wind load = 45 KN

Earthquake load = 75 kN

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