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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Quiz 2

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Question 1

Suppose an integer array of size n contains only 1, 2, 3. What is the time complexity of the efficient algorithm to sort this array?

Question 2

If Booth’s Algorithm for multiplication is used, then which of the following represents multiplier -29 in recorded form?

Question 3

A 4-bit synchronous counter uses flip-flops with a propagation delay time of 15ns each. The maximum possible time required for a change of state will be _______.

Question 4

_______stores metadata about the structure of the database, in particular the schema of the database

Question 5

Let prefix (w) denote the set of all prefixes of a string(w)

Let suffix(w) denote the set of all suffixes of (w).

Similarly let substring (w) denote the set of all substrings of string(w).

Consider the following statements: is/are true?

I. prefix(w) suffix (w) = substring(w)

II. prefix(w) suffix(w) = {, w}

Which of the above statements is/are true?

Question 6

Consider the following two concurrent processes with a shared memory variable x. Assume x is initialized to 10.

The maximum possible value of x when both processes have completed __________.

Question 7Multiple Correct Options

Consider the following CFG:

S → aB | bA | D | E

A → a | aS | bAA | c

B → b | bS | aBB | c

D → dD | Dd | d

E → EE | EdE

Which of the following statements are true for the above grammar ?[Multi-select Question]

Question 8

The following C function takes a singly-linked list as input argument.

It modifies the list by moving the last element to the front of the list and returns the modified list. Some part of the code is left blank. Choose the correct alternative to replace the blank line.

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