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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Quiz 2

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Question 1

Three beams of same material have the same length, same allowable bending stress and are subjected to the same maximum bending moment. The cross-sections of the beams are a circle, square and a rectangle with depth thrice the width. The ratios of their weights are

Question 2

A four stroke double acting petrol engine is used 90 kW brake power on a job. The engine used 40 kg/h of fuel under working condition and its mechanical efficiency is 75%. If the engine friction power reduces by 10 kW then the saving of fuel (in kg/h) is (assume, indicated thermal efficiency remain constant)

Question 3

A petrol engine has a bore of 10 cm and a stroke of 15 cm. The work done is 1000 joules. If the clearance volume is 200 cc then the heat added(Joules) will be:

Question 4

For the simply supported beam as shown in figure. The required section modulus if the allowable bending stress is
is ___ cm3.


Question 5

A shaft is subjected to a torque of 45N-mm and a bending moment of 70N-mm.What are the equivalent bending moment and torque on the shaft (in N-mm).

Question 6

Steam is isentropically expanded in a turbine from 80 bar to 7 bar. At the inlet of the turbine (state  is 3246 kJ/kg and  is 6.52 kJ/(kg.K). The enthalpy of the steam exiting the turbine (state 2) in kJ/kg is:

Question 7

The torque transmitted by a thick tube 6 cm internal diameter and 5 mm thick when the shear stress is not to exceed 41 MPa and length of the tube is 2.5 m. the shear stress at the inner periphery will be (assume G = 80 GPa)

Question 8

In a simply supported beam, the maximum value of bending stress is 400MPa. If the beam undergoes only pure bending where the maximum value of bending moment is 20KN-m, find out its diameter.
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