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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Quiz 18

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Question 1

A helical compression spring is to be designed for a force of 200N. The spring index of the spring, if mean coil diameter is 48 mm and wire diameter is 9.6 mm.

Question 2

A cross flow type air heater has an area of 50 m2. The overall heat transfer coefficient is 100 W/m2 K and heat capacity of both hot and cold stream is 1000 W/ K. The value of NTU is

Question 3

If the blades of the axial flow turbine are fixed, these are called

Question 4

The number of radiation shield screens in case of radiation heat transfer to reduce the radiation heat exchange by 80% is __________.

Question 5

In case of free vibration with viscous damping, the damping force is proportional to

Question 6

Which one of the following is a high energy rate forming process?

Question 7

A power plant, which uses a gas turbine followed by steam turbine for power generation, is called

Question 8

What is the point P shown on the stress strain curve?
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