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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Quiz 18

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Question 1

A packet whose destination is outside the local TCP/IP network segment is sent to?

Question 2

Consider the following function:
int function(int n, int m){
if(n%m == 0) return m;
return function(m,n%m);
What is the number of recursive calls made by the above function considering the assumption that n>=m?

Question 3

In a compiler the module that checks the token arrangement against the source code grammar is called ________.

Question 4

During direct memory access (DMA), the INTR and INTA (interrupt and Interrupt acknowledge) lines are __________

Question 5

Consider a system has 4 processes and three resource types A, B, C . Resource type A has 6 instances, B has 14 instances and C has 3 instances. The maximum requirement for each process and its current allocation are

What is the safe sequence for the processes so they don’t enter into the deadlock state?

Question 6

Let R be any regular set. Let Min(R) is a set of all strings ‘w’ in R, where every proper prefix of ‘w’ is not in R. Then, to which class of language Min(R) belongs?

Question 7

Consider the below circuit:

The propagation delay of each multiplexer is 50 ns. The frequency of the output signal V is

Question 8

The input to the circuit are shown below:

The output waveform y will be the form

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