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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Quiz 18

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Question 1

An RC beam is shown in figure below

The intensity of super imposed load excluding the self weight that the beam can carry over a simply supported effective span of 6 m is _________ kN/m.
[Assume limiting capacity of beam to be 180 kN-m]

Question 2

A singly reinforced rectangular beam has a width of 200 mm and an effective depth of 350 mm. The limiting value of the moment of resistance of the beam is _________ kN-m.
[Take M20 grade concrete and Fe415 grade steel and adopt the stress block for concrete as given in IS 456: 2000]

Question 3

What is the vertical deflection δ of the rigid block of weight w as shown.

Question 4

The slope – deflection equation at end B of member BC for the frame shown is?

Question 5

A reinforced cantilever beam of span 4 m. has cross-section of 150x500 mm. if checked for lateral stability and deflection, the beam will

Question 6

The figure given below shows a rigid frame fixed at ‘A’ ad hinged at ‘C’. If a pure moment of 20 kN-m is applied at ‘C’ as shown in the figure, then what is the moment at the fixed end ‘A’?

Question 7

Analysis of the truss shown below using castigliano's method. Find the sum of forces in all members without their nature in kN, up to two decimal places. (AE = Constant)

Question 8

A doubly reinforced rectangular beam is 250 mm wide and 500 mm deep is designed as balanced section. If the limiting stresses in concrete and steel are 5 N/mm2 and 230 N/mm2 respectively.
The applied bending moment is 150 kNm. Effective cover to steel is equal to 40 mm. What will be the area (in mm2) of steel in compression?
[Take m = 19 , USE WSM]
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