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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Quiz 17

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Question 1

An isolated simply supported flanged beam of span 9 m is doubly reinforced having web width = 300 mm and flanged width = 1500 mm. Assuming M30 concrete and Fe415 steel, the effective flange width is (in mm)

Question 2

In a rectangular reinforced concrete beam 300 × 600 with effective depth 560 mm. If the minimum reinforcement is denoted by ‘A’ and the maximum reinforcement is denoted by B. Then the value of B/A when the beam is reinforced with Fe 500 steel is ___

Question 3

The degree of static indeterminacy is

Question 4

The planar structure RST shown in the figure is roller-supported at S and pin-supported at R. Members RS and ST have uniform flexural rigidity (EI) and S is a rigid joint. Consider only bending deformation and neglect effects of self-weight and axial stiffening.

When the structure is subjected to a concentrated horizontal load P at the end T, the magnitude of rotation at the support R, is

Question 5

The force in member FE of the plane truss below is ____ kN. (Round off to 2 decimal places)

Question 6

A doubly reinforced concrete beam is of 300 mm width and 600 mm overall depth. Tension reinforcement consists of 2 numbers of 25 mm diameter bars and compression reinforcement consists of 2 numbers of 16 mm diameter bars.

Assume effective cover to compression (d') and tension steel to be 40 mm.
Use M20 grade of concrete and Fe415 grade of steel.
The moment of resistance (in kNm) of beam by LSM is

Question 7

If for a beam given below

Factored bending moment = 850 kNm

Use Fe 415 grade of steel

Effective cover = 25 mm the total depth of beam (use LSM theory)

Question 8

A rectangular beam 300 mm × 600 mm (effective depth) consists of 4 nos. 25 m dia steel, if the beam is simply supported over a span of 8 m and carries UDL 25 kN/ inclusive of self weight. Then the stress in steel n tension as the centroid of tension steel will be ____ N/mm2. (m = 15) (USE WSM)
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