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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Quiz 15

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Question 1

If Na2O and K2O content in a given cement is 1.5% and 1%. Then total alkali content (in percentage) in the cement in terms of equivalent Na2O can be taken as.

Question 2

Based on ’30th hourly volume’ for how much percent time during the year can designer willingly tolerate the unfavorable operating condition? (Round off to 2 decimal places).

Question 3

Consider the following network diagram. What is the latest allowable occurance time (days) of the event D?(Expected time(days) are shown).

Question 4

The gel-space ratio of a concrete sample is given as 0.6. What is the theoretical strength in MPa of that concrete sample?

Question 5

The specific gravity and weight proportion for aggregates and bitumen are as under far preparation of marshal moulds.

The volume and weight of one marshal mould was found to be 475CC and 1100 gm. Assuming absorption of bitumen in aggregate is zero. Find the % voides in mineral aggregates (VMA) (Up to two decimal places)

Question 6

A signal is required to be installed at a North-South and East-West intersection. The following data is available.

Calculate the cycle length as per webster’s approach (in seconds) for top phase-fixed type signal: F only straight a head traffic is permitted. (Assume total time lost per cycle is 15 seconds)

Question 7

What is the quantity of cement required for preparation of 4m3 of cement sand mortar, C : S = 1 : 3 and water cement ratio = 0.4, Density of mortar = 1450 kg/m3

Question 8

A linear project in split into six identical activities each having a, m, and b durations of 14, 18 and 20 days, which results in the standard deviation of the duration for the complete project beings x1 days. As an alternative attempt at project planning, The earlier six activities are clubbed as (1st and 2nd), (3rd and 4th) and (5th & 6th), Thus, needing to consider only three (now modified) activities and the standard deviation of the duration for the complete project is now repeated as X2 days. What will be the ratio ?
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