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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Quiz 14

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Question 1

Hardenability of steel is a measure of ________.

Question 2

Oil of viscosity 0.15 Pa.s and specific gravity 0.90, flows through a horizontal pipe of 30 mm diameter. If the pressure drop per meter length of the pipe is 15 kPa, determine the shear stress at the pipe wall.

Question 3

Consider a plane wall of 100 mm thickness and 100 W/m-K of thermal conductivity. Steady state conditions exists with  and . What will be the heat flux  and the temperature gradient  for the plane wall?

Question 4

The process in which martensitic steel is reheated to reduce its brittleness without losing any significant portion of its hardness is called _________.

Question 5

A spur gear pair with 200 full-depth involute profile transmits 3.5 kW power. The pinion rotates at 700 rpm and has a pitch circle diameter of 100 mm . Assuming single point of contact between the gears, the total force acting on the  Spur gear tooth (in kN) is ________.

Question 6

In the full molding (cavity less) the mould and the pattern are respectively _________.

Question 7

A thin cylinder of inner radius 500 mm and thickness 10 mm is subjected to an internal pressure of 5 MPa. The average circumferential (hoop) stress in MPa is _________.

Question 8

The variation in centre distance in involute gear caused due to vibration doesn’t violate the law of gearing(Velocity ratio remains constant). The reason for this phenomenon is _________.
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