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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Quiz 14

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Question 1

Compile Time stacks are not used for

Question 2

Consider the following statements:
1) We can’t decide if a given context-free grammar is ambiguous.
2) We can’t decide if a given language generated by context-free grammar is finite.
Which of the above statements holds true?

Question 3

In a computer system, three files of size 11052 B, 4992 B and 5172 B need to be stored. For storing these files on disk, we can use either 100 B disk block or 200 B disk block. For each block used to store a file, 2 bytes of book keeping information also needs to be stored on the disk. Thus, the total space used to store a file is the sum of space taken to store the file and space taken to store the book keeping information for the blocks allocated for storing the file. A disk block can store either book keeping information for a file or data from a file, but not both. What is the total space required for storing the files using 100 B and 200 B disk blocks respectively?

Question 4

Which of the following is true?

Question 5

Consider the following ER diagram:

The minimum number of tables needed to represent ER-diagram are __________ such that the relational database satisfies 1NF.

Question 6

Consider a priority queue data structure that hold items with keys. Priority queue supported following
operations: (Assume priority queue contain n element with distinct keys)
1) insert (k) inserts an item with keys k.
2) get min( ) removes the element with the smallest key and returns it.
Which of the following is true when above data structure is implemented using sorted linked list with pointers at the beginning and end?

Question 7

A 5 stage pipelined processor has IF, ID, EXE, MEM and WB. WB stage operation is divided into two parts. In the first part register write operation and in the second part register read operation is performed. The latencies of all those stages are 300, 400, 500, 500 and 300 (in nano second) respectively. Consider the following code is executed on this processor

Find minimum number of nop instructions (no operation) to eliminate hazards without using operand forwarding. (Assume each instruction takes one cycle to complete its operation in every stage)

Question 8

Consider a network connecting two systems located 2000 kilometers apart. The bandwidth of the network is 64 Mbps. The propagation speed of the media is 2/3 of the speed of light in vacuum. It is needed to design selective repeat sliding window protocol for this network. The average packet size is of 16 Kb. The network is to be used to its full capacity.
Assume that processing delays at nodes are negligible. Then, the minimum size in bits of the sequence number field has to be _________.
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