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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Quiz 13

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Question 1

The coefficient of velocity for an orifice is given by? (Symbols represent the usual meaning)

Question 2

What will be the centre of buoyancy of a block floating horizontally in water. The dimension of block are 5 × 2 × 1 m and the specific gravity of block is 0.65

Question 3

Consider the following statements in respect of two-dimensional incompressible flow with velocity components u and v in x and y directions respectively :
1) The continuity equation is
2) The acceleration in x-direction is
3) The condition of irrotationality is
4) The equation of a streamline is
Which of these statements are correct?

Question 4

Pick the wrong assumption taken in analysis of riveted joints and Bolted joints due to concentric load without eccentricity.

Question 5

What is the strength (in kN) of a 22 mm diameter bolt in single shear and bearing of grade 4.6 for single cover butt joint if the cover plate is 10 mm thick?
[Assume main plates to be jointed are 12 mm thick, Partial safety factor for the material of bolt, and Net tensile stress area of 22 mm diameter bolt, Anb = 303 mm2, also take minimum pitch and edge distance as per criteria]

Question 6

Two plates are connected by fillet welds of size 8 mm and subjected to tension, as shown in the sketch. The thickness of each plate is 14 mm. The yield stress and the ultimate tensile stress of steel are 250 MPa and 410 MPa respectively. The welding is done in the workshop Description: E:\Gate\Gate-CE-Civil\10_Steel-Structure_BLok_files\image063.png As per the limit state method of IS 800 : 2007, the minimum length (rounded off to the nearest higher multiple of 5 mm) on each side to transmit a force P equal to --------mm.
Description: E:\Gate\Gate-CE-Civil\10_Steel-Structure_BLok_files\image064.png

Question 7

In the given figure the total shear force on extreme bolts, will be

If M20 bolts of grade 4.6 are used

Question 8

Two points A & B are 12m apart at same datum, the total head at A & B is 6m and 10 m respectively. If the flow rate is 20 l/s and area of cross section at A & B is 0.1m2 and 0.15m2 respectively. What is the pressure difference (N/m2) between the points? (Take g=10m/s^2 and ρ =1000kg/m^3)
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