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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Quiz 13

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Question 1

A fan rotates at a constant speed of 60 rpm. The total angular displacement it makes in 10 sec is:

Question 2

Perpetual motion machine of second kind violates the

Question 3

Side cutting edge angle for the tool signature of 0 – 10 – 8 – 9 – 15 – 75 – 0 in ORS

Question 4

A 3-stage reciprocating compressor has suction pressure of 1 bar delivery pressure of 27 bar. For minimum work of compression, the delivery pressure of 1st stage is

Question 5

Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists.


A) Dynamic viscosity

B) Moment of Momentum

C) Power

D) Volume modules elasticity


1) [ML2T3]

2) [ML-1T-2]

3) [ML-1T-1]

4) [ML2T-2]

5) [ML2T-1]

Question 6

Minimum number of teeth to avoid interference is for a pressure angle of Description: E:\Gate\SSC JE Mechanical Part 1\Practice-Set-5_files\image027.png

Question 7

The bar of a boring machine is 45 mm in diameter. During operation, the bar may be twisted through 0.01 radians and subjected to a shear stress of 45 MPa. What is the required length of the bar?
Description: Description: E:\Gate\SSC JE Mechanical Part 1\Practice-Set-1_files\image220.png

Question 8

With increase in temperature, thermal conductivity of air _________.
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