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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Quiz 12

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Question 1

The observed SPT value of a fine sand is 40 and water table is at ground level, then calculate final corrected SPT value (in integer) by providing 0.5 as overburden correction ------

Question 2

A liquid with specific gravity of 0.87 undergoes a reduction in the volume of 0.11% when subjected to an increase in pressure of 1500 kPa. Estimate the velocity of propagation (in m/s) of sound in this liquid (round of to nearest integer multiple of 2)

Question 3

A prismatic steel beam is shown in the figure.

The plastic moment, Mp calculated for the collapse mechanism using static method and kinematic method is

Question 4

When a dolphin glides through air, it experiences an external pressure of 1m of mercury. The absolute pressure on dolphin when it is 5m below the free surface of the water is

Question 5

9 Precast concrete piles of size 50 cm x 50 cm are driven into clay strata whose undrain cohesion is 55 kN/. Compute the length of pile (considering the pile group as block) required to carry safe working load of 3000kN with 2.5 as factor of safety and spacing b/w piles is 600mm.

Question 6

For the following fig shown below, shape factor of a T-section with a flange of 100 × 10 mm, and a web of 150 × 10 mm is ________. (Round off to two decimal places)

Question 7

A sector gate is provided on a spillway as shown in the figure. Assuming the resultant force per meter length (expressed in kN/m) on the gate will be _______ .

Question 8

How much amount of air (in gms) is required to increase the pressure from 140 kPa to 210 kPa.Assume temperature & volume to remain constant and gas to be ideal.

Volume = 15 lit

Temperature = 30°C

Atmospheric pressure = 100 kPa.

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