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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Quiz 1

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Question 1

In what form are the boiler’s tube arrange in Lamont boiler?

Question 2

For the parallel flow heat exchange the effectiveness is 0.4 and capacity ratio is unity, then NTU is___.

Question 3

Resistance spot welding is performed on two plates of 1.5 mm thickness with 6 mm diameter electrode, using 15000 A current for a time duration of 0.25 seconds. Assuming the interface resistance to be 0.0001Ω, the heat generated( W-sec) to form the weld is

Question 4

A new multiple plate clutch disc having inner and outer diameters 100 mm and 200 mm respectively transmits power through contact surface.If the friction coefficient and permissible intensity of pressure is 0.2 and 1 MPa. Then the no. of pair of contacting surfaces if the torque carrying capacity of clutch at 750 rpm is 1.1 KN-m.

Question 5

In an epicyclic gear train, an arm carries two gears A and B having 30 and 40 teeth respectively. If the arm rotates at 160 r.p.m. in the anticlockwise direction about the centre of the gear A which is fixed, determine the magnitude of speed of gear B in rpm . 

Question 6

A block of metal having a mass 25 kg at 300 K is kept immersed in an infinitely large liquid nitrogen bath maintained at 77 K. The system comprising of the block and liquid nitrogen attains thermal equilibrium. The average specific heat of the metal is 0.45 kJ/(kg.K). The entropy generated during the process in kJ/K is______

Question 7

The maximum bending stress developed in MPa is

Question 8

A blank of 400 mm wide and 25 mm thick is fed through a rolling mill with 2 powered rolls each of radius 250 mm. The workpiece thickness is to be reduced to 22 mm in one pass. The work material has average flow stress as 175 MPa. The torque required to drive each roll is (kNm)
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