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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Quiz 1

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Question 1

A sample of soil weighs 153 grams. Its clay fraction weighs 34% of the total weight. If it’s liquid limit is 62% and the Plastic limit is 27%. Classify the soil.

Question 2

For a natural stream the value of weightage factor, x in routing equation generally varies between?

Question 3

A pitot tube with coefficient of 0.98 is used to measure the velocity of water in a pipe. If the head difference of U tube holding mercury (of relative density 13.6) is 12cm.What is the velocity of water(m/s)?(Take g =10m/s2)

Question 4

The leaching requirement of a soil is 10%. If the consumptive use requirement of the crop is 90 mm, then the depth of water required to be applied to the field is

Question 5

A steel I-beam has over all depth 30 cm. If the bending stress developed at top and bottom of the beam are 120 MPa and 30 MPa, then the depth of neutral axis from the top of the beam will be _________ cm.

Question 6

A continuous RC beam of effective than = 6 m below is subjected to a factored dead load wd = 10 KN/m and factored live load wL = 12.5 KN/m.

The bending moment M2 is

Question 7

The sludge from the aeration tank of the activated sludge process (ASP) has solids content (by weights) of 4%. This sludge is put in a sludge thickener, where sludge volume is reduced to three-fourth. Assume that amount of solids in the supernatant liquor from the thickener is negligible, specific gravity of sludge solids is 2.4 and density of water is 1000 kg/m3. The density of effluent sludge will be _________ kg/m3.

Question 8

For the plane truss shown in the figure, member AD temperature raised by. And member BD short by 2mm. The horizontal displacement at D is ______ mm.

(Given all member are made of same material, A=1600,


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