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GATE 2022 : Power Electronics Quiz 7

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Question 1

A single phase full bridge inverter controls the power in a resistive load by uniform multiple pulse modulation. The frequency of triangular carrier wave is 1kHz and inverter reference wave frequency is 125Hz. If the total pulse width is 120°, find the width of each pulse?

Question 2

Power consumed by load is _________V, for below 180° 3-phase inverter circuit.

Question 3

In a single-phase full bridge PWM inverter the load current is sinusoidal with 5A rms value and load voltage is 100V constant. What is the switch utilization ratio if input voltage has a peak value of 250V?

Question 4

Consider output voltage of single-pulse modulation inverter shown below. The Peak value of 5th harmonic is _____Volts.

Question 5

For single-pulse modulation inverter, THD to eliminate third Harmonic is _______%.

Question 6

Output voltage of an inverter is controlled by multiple pulse modulation terms que. If the peak value of reference voltage is 4 V and peak value of carrier voltage is 6 V. The total pulse width in each half cycle is
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