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GATE 2022 : Power Electronics Quiz- 61

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Question 1

Consider a motor with torque-Speed characteristic Tm= (6ω + 8)N-m driving a load with torque TL = 10N-m. which of the following is true?

Question 2

A DC source of 100 V supplies a purely inductive load 0.1H. The controller is a thyristor in series with the source and load. The latching current specified is 100mA . The minimum width of the gating pulse to ensure thyristor turn ON is

Question 3

A non-sinusoidal load current expressed in Fourier series form as:

is produced when a sinusoidal voltage source of is applied to a non-linear load.
Determine the distortion factor of the load current.

Question 4

A separately excited dc motor runs at 900 rpm from a 198 V dc supply. The motor is fed from a 230 V, 50 Hz single phase fully controlled bridge converter with a firing angle of α. If the motor runs at 500 rpm on no load, then value of α (in degrees) would be

Question 5

In sinusoidal PWM, determine the frequency of the carrier signal required, if the reference signal has a frequency of 50 Hz. The frequency modulation ratio,

Question 6

During 120° conduction mode of 3ϕ inverters, which of the following thyristor would conduct during the interval of (240 – 300°)

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