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GATE 2022 : Power Electronics Quiz- 60

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Question 1

For a duty cycle of half of time period what will be average output current in the converter?

Question 2

Duty Ratio in Chopper can be decided by different technique these are

1. Pulse width modulation

2. Frequency Modulator

3. Synchronous scope technique

Question 3

In a Buck converter input voltage is 30volt, duty ratio is 0.6, and R = 10ohm, f = 100KHz, L =20μH, what will be the maximum inductor current for the converter?

Question 4

A class C chopper as shown in figure is operating in regenerative braking mode with a motor load rated at 15 A. The supply DC voltage is 300 V and load parameters are mentioned below. How much power is returned to source during regenerative braking at rated current (in watts)?

Question 5

The buck-boost regulator shown in figure below has an input voltage of Vs = 15 V. The switch is operating at switching frequency of 20 kHz with a duty cycle of 0.3. The load having resistance of 2 Ω. The inductance L = 130 μH and filter capacitance C = 200 μF. Find the peak to peak output voltage ripple.

Question 6

A semi converter employs two thyristors and two diodes. Due to malfunction one of the thyristors is working as diode. The converter is feeding from the AC supply voltage of 200 sin 314 t and delivers power to resistive load of 200 Ω, then the average output voltage for a firing angle of α = 60°
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