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GATE 2022 : Power Electronics Quiz- 58

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Question 1

In order to obtain static voltage equalization in series-connected SCRs, Connections are made of

Question 2

A thyristor string is formed in series and parallel connections. The thyristors used have voltage and current ratings 2 KV and 1.5 KA and the ratings of string are 10 KV and 6 KA connections. How many thyristors in total are required?

Question 3

During turn-off of a power diode, the reverse recovery time is 4.5 μsec and the rate of current decay is 60A/μsec. If the maximum forward current through diode is 500 A and softness factor is 0.3, the net charge stored in the diode is ____ (μC)

Question 4

The maximum junction temperature for a thyristor is 150°C. The thermal resistances of the combination are QJC = 0.2°C/W and QCS = 0.1°C/W. If the temperature of heat sink is brought down to 60°C from 80°C. What is the percentage increase in the rating of thyristor?

Question 5

Consider the circuit given below. The capacitor has initially charged to 50 Volt. The value of inductance and capacitance is 20 μH and 80 μH respectively.

Find the peak value of current through diode?

Question 6

Which of the following switches can be used as four quadrant switch?

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