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GATE 2022 : Power Electronics Quiz 5

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Question 1

For 3ϕ full wave rectifier following Relation hold true for which load. [given α > 60°, α : firing angle].

Question 2

A three-phase full converter delivers a ripple free load current of 15 A with firing angle delay of 45o. The current distortion factor is

Question 3

A single Phase full wave transistor rectifier feed power to motor load. the source voltage is 250 V, 50 Hz. R = 4 Ω, L = 12 mH, E = 120 V. For a firing angle of 40o, the average value of output current such that the current releases energy till 1600 is?

Question 4

A 3-phase fully controlled converter is fed from 400 V, 50 Hz mains for a firing angle of 60°, output voltage is 250 V. Calculate load resistance, source inductance & overlap angle. The load current is 25 A.

Question 5

A 3 – ϕ full converter fed from 3-Phase 450 V ,50 Hz source is connected to R= 12Ω, E = 400 V and large inductance so that output current is ripple free. Calculate the input power factor for firing advance angle of 50o ?

Question 6

If the converter shown below is triggered at , then rectification efficiency is

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