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Question 1

A d.c. source is switched in SMPS to synthesize the 3-ϕ output. The basic 3-ϕ bridge inverter can be controlled. The angle through which each switch conducts, and at any instant the number of switches conducting simultaneously are, respectively ?

Question 2

Two quadrant chopper consist of

Question 3

A single phase full bridge inverter connected to 230V dc source, feeds a resistive load of 20Ω. The input power factor is:

Question 4

A boost converter is operated from a source voltage of 100 V with a duty cycle of 0.4 . The load resistance is 200 Ω. The internal resistance of inductor is 0.8 Ω then the average output voltage is:

Question 5

A single-phase half bridge inverter has load R = 2.5 Ω. The power delivered to the load due to fundamental component is 5 kW. Find the D .C  source voltage?

Question 6

A single-phase circulating type dual converter is shown in figure. With firing angle 60° and inductance value 23mH and f = 50Hz. Calculate the value of circulating current in the converter.

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