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Question 1

The circuit shown below, the conduction time of T, is _______(μsec).

Assume: L = 1 mH, IL(0) = 0 A, C = 1 μF and VC(0) = 100 V

Question 2

In case of voltage source inverter, freewheeling can be needed for the load of

Question 3

A 3-phase full converter feeds power to a resistance load of 10 Ω. For a firing angle of 30°, the load takes 5 kW. The magnitude of per phase input supply voltage is:

Question 4

A 3-phase, full bridge converter supplied by 230 V/phase having 50 Hz frequency. Its source inductance is 4 mH. It’s load side current is DC and is 20 A. For load having DC source of 400 V and 1 Ω resistance, then the approximated value of firing angle is _________.

Question 5

For a step-up chopper, thyristor conducting time is 100 μsec. The pulse with of output voltage is ____μsec if input voltage is 220 V and Output voltage is 660 V.

Question 6

PWM switching is preferred in voltage source inverters for the purpose of
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