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GATE 2022 : Power Electronics Quiz 1

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Question 1

A electronic switch is required to be controlled during its turn on and turn off process. Which of the following can be valid realization of switch?

Question 2

In the given circuit symbols of power semi-conductor devices:

Which of them are minority carrier devices?

Question 3

If RE = 1 kΩ, VE = 2V and IV = 5 mA, what is the value of VEE which will cause the UJT to turn ‘off’?

Question 4

For good commutation of thyristor which one of the following must be meet?

Question 5

In a series configuration of forty SCR, each thyristor having voltage rating is 5kV. If the total string voltage across all SCR (across the string) is 100 kV then what will be the derating factor in this configuration.

Question 6

Find the minimum gate pulse width required to turn ON the thyristor? If the current through the inductor (IL)min = 100mA.

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