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Question 1

Find the value of the integration I =

Question 2

The step response of an LTI system if is

Question 3

JK flip flop can be converted into T flip flop by

Question 4

The advantage of Schottky TLL logic circuit over standard TTL logic circuit is

Question 5

Determine the inductor current for t > 0, in the circuit shown below

Question 6

For Buck converter, if source voltage is 100 V and duty ratio is 0.4. The load current (in A) if relation between load current (I0) and output voltage (V0) is V0 = 3I0 + 5.

Question 7

A generator develops 250 V and has an internal resistance of 100 ohm. If the load resistance is 100 ohm, then what is the efficiency of the generator ?

Question 8

In the circuit shown below, the peak current passing through the diode is_____. (Given tan–1(0.765) = 37.17°)

Question 9

The Power consumed in a , 3 wire balanced load system is measured by two wattmeter method. The reading of wattmeter A is 500 watts and wattmeter B is – 100 watts the power factor of system is ____

Question 10

Find Thevenin’s equivalent voltage with respect to terminals A and B

Question 11

An AC energy meter is tested for an hour runs at a supply voltage of 230 V with a current of 10 A at 0.6 pf lag. The dial reading at the beginning of test was 56 and at the end was The meter constant is 1200 revolution per kWh. The meter revolutions registered during the test were 1150, the magnitude of error in registration is _________%

Question 12

In the circuit shown below the switch is opened at the instant when the inductor current is 100 A. if the circuit parameters are L = 15 μH, C = 40 μF, then the conduction time of diode is

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