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GATE 2022 ME: Thermodynamics Revision Quiz

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Question 1

A pure substance at 8 MPa and 400 °C is having a specific internal energy of 2864 kJ/kg and a specific volume of 0.03432 m3/kg. Its specific enthalpy (in kJ/kg) is ______.

Question 2

An ideal gas goes through the cycle (1-2-3-4-1) given in the figure.

What is the value of (V2 – V3)?

Question 3

The internal energy of a certain system is a function of temperature alone and is given by formula E = 25 + 0.25 t kJ (where t is the temperature). If this system executes a process for which the work done by it per degree temperature increase is 0.75 kN-m, the heat-interaction per degree temperature increase is _________ kJ.

Question 4

Two finite heat source (identical) are present at temperatures 1600 K and 400 K respectively. If the maximum work output is required by having an reversible engine in between them. Then what is the final temperature of both the sources?

Question 5

A carnot cycle refrigerator ‘A’ operates between 500K and 900K, whereas a carnot cycle refrigerator ‘B’ operates between 300K and 500K. Find out the ratio of coefficient of performance of A to B

Question 6

Two Sources are 1 and 2 supplies energy respectively at the rate of 11500 kJ/min at 350 °C & 115000 kJ/min at 85 °C. What source would supply energy to an ideal reversible heat engine that is to produce large amount of power if the temp of the surroundings is 32 °C?

Question 7

A Carnot engine discharges 3kJ of heat into low temperature reservoir for every 2kJ of work output. If sink temperature is 27 °C then the value of source temperature is

Question 8

A heat engine takes in energy at the rate of 1400W at a temperature of 1200K. It exhausts heat at the rate of 1000W at 600 K. What is 2nd law efficiency of the heat engine.

Question 9

A gas turbine power plant operates between temperature limits of 300K and 1300K employing a fuel whose specific heat is 1.012kJ/kg-K. What is the maximum work obtainable per kg of fuel in a cycle?

Question 10

The gas engine indicator follows expansion curve of pv1.3 = constant. If the piston sweeps out 2 m3/min, when the pressure on this expansion curve is 14 bar, what is the rate of heat change per second at this instant? (Take )

Question 11

A 800-MW steam power plant, which is cooled by a nearby river, has a thermal efficiency of 40% Rate of heat transfer to the river water is _______ MW.

Question 12

A sample of steam from a boiler drum at 3 MPa is passed through a throttling calorimeter in which the pressure and temperature are found to be 0.1 MPa, 120°C. The quality of steam exiting the boiler is ________

The enthalpy of steam at 0.1 MPa and 120 is 2716.3 kJ/kgK

and at 3 MPa

Question 13

One kg of air in a closed system undergoes an irreversible process from an initial state of p1 = 1 bar (absolute) and T1 = 27°C, to a final state of p2 = 3 bar (absolute) and T2 = 127°C. If the gas constant of air is 287 J/kgK and the ratio of the specific heats then the change in the specific entropy (in J/kg.K) of the air in the process is

Question 14

One kg of air (R = 287 J/kg-K) undergoes an irreversible process between equilibrium state 1 (20 °C , 0.9 m3) and equilibrium state 2 (20 °C, 0.6 m3)  The change in entropy S2 - S1 (in J/kg-K) is_____?

Question 15

If a closed system is undergoing an irreversible process, the entropy of the system
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