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GATE 2022 ME: National Champion Quiz -1

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Question 1

Find the magnitude of the horizontal force(in KN) due to water acting on a roller gate of cylindrical form of 4 m diameter , when the gate is placed on the dam in such a way that water is just going to spill.Take the length of the gate as 8 m.

Question 2

The ratio of elongation of a conical and rectangular bar of same length under its own weight is __________.

Question 3

A manometer connected to a pipe indicates a negative gauge pressure of 80mm of mercury. What is the absolute pressure in the pipe_______.(take g=9.8m/s2)

Question 4

A plate 1 mm distance from a fixed plate, is moving at 500 mm/s by a force induces a shear stress of 0.3 kg(f)/m2. The kinematic viscosity of the fluid (mass density 1000 kg/m3) flowing between two plates (in Stokes) is ________.

Question 5

The length of a pipe is 1000m and its diameter is 20cm. If the diameter of an equivalent pipe is 40cm, then the length for the same discharge and head loss is :

Question 6

A frictionless fluid of density ρ flow through the circular pipe as shown in the figure. The force (in N) exerted on segment A – B of the pipes.

Question 7

A vertical rectangular wall with a width of 20 m and a height of 12 m is holding a 7 m deep water body. Determine the total pressure force on the wall(in kN)______.

Question 8

Find the ratio of skin friction drag on the front half and the rear half portions of a plate kept in a uniform stream of zero incidence assume the boundary layer to be laminar over the entire plate.

Question 9

Velocity (m/s) of a fluid flowing over a plate is varying as u=(3/2)y-(2)y2 where y (m) is measured perpendicular from the plate. Assuming coefficient of viscosity as 7.5 poise, the shear stress in N/m2 at a point 10 cm from the plate is

Question 10

The shear force diagram of a loaded simply supported beam is shown in the following figure:
Description: Description: E:\Gate\SSC JE Mechanical Part 1\Made Easy Questions\04_SOM_BLok_files\image048.png
The maximum bending moment (in KNm) of the beam is

Question 11

Two aluminum rods of 2000 mm(Total) cross section and one steel rod of 1000 mm2 cross section, together supports a load of 200 kN. The modulus of elasticity for aluminum and steel are 70 GPa and 200 GPa respectively. The stresses in the aluminum and steel rods respectively are

Question 12

A brass bar having a cross section of 15 cm2 is subjected to an axial force as shown in the figure. The stress (only magnitude) in the section BC is given is_____MPa.

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