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GATE 2022 ME: Heat-Transfer Quiz - 5

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Question 1

In an experiment, the local heat transfer over a flat plate were correlated in the form of local Nussel number as expressed by the following correlation.
Description: Description: E:\Gate\SSC JE Mechanical Part 1\Made Easy Questions\08_Heat-Transfer_BLok_files\image076.png
The ratio of the average convection heat transfer coefficient (Description: Description: E:\Gate\SSC JE Mechanical Part 1\Made Easy Questions\08_Heat-Transfer_BLok_files\image077.png) over the entire plate length to the local convection heat transfer convection heat transfer coefficient (hx) at x=L is ____________.

Question 2

Heat is lost from a 150 mm diameter pipe vertically placed in ambient at 30 °C. The height of the cylinder is 200 mm and thermal conductivity of air is 0.04W/mK. If the Nusselt number is 30, then the heat transfer coefficient will be

Question 3

A flat plate(3x4)m2 is immersed in a liquid having constant temperature of 27 and the plate temperature is 127 if the heat transferred from the plate to the liquid at the rate of 500kW. Assume that heat transfer is at steady state. Find the heat transfer coefficient(in W/m2k ) of the liquid side ______.

Question 4

The side surface of car is given as flat plate of 3m length. It receives solar heat at the rate of 500 W/m2 while car is in speed of 50 km/hr. Assume inside surface as an insulated one. Calculate nusselt number.
Given properties are ν = 1.6 x 10-5 m2/sec , Pr = 0.5

Question 5

Water flows through a pipe of diameter 30 mm at an average velocity of 2 m/s. The properties of water:
= 9× Ns/m2, = 1000 kg/m3, h= 4500 W/m2K, K =0.725 W/mK
For turbulent flow, Nu = 0.037 Re4/5Pr1/3
For laminar flow, Nu = 0.664 Re1/2Pr1/3
The correct relationship between velocity boundary layer thickness ( and thermal boundary layer thickness ( is

Question 6

For fully developed flow through a pipe, the wall temperature is maintained at 500°C. If the fluid has thermal conductivity of 0.12 W/m-K and diameter of pipe is 15 cm, then the heat transfer coefficient (in W/m2K) will be _____.
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