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GATE 2024 ME: Fluid Mechanics Quiz-4

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Question 1

Cinsider the 2-D steady flow field


The number of stagnation points in the flow field is

Question 2

A flow is described by the stream function The coordinates of the point at which velocity vector has a magnitude of 4 units and makes an angle 150 ° with the X-axis is

Question 3

For the stream friction Ψ=3x2y-y3 the velocity at point (2, 3) is _________.

Question 4

The velocity of flow field is V = . What is the vorticity vector at (1,1,1)?

Question 5

A stream function is given by ψ = (). The Velocity potential function (φ) of the flow will be________?

Question 6

A flow field u = 2x, v = 3y. Find the magnitude of acceleration at the point (1, 2).
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