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GATE 2024 ME: Fluid Mechanics Quiz-3

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Question 1

A manometer measures the pressure differential between two locations of a pipe carrying water. If the manometric liquid is mercury (specific gravity 13.6) and the manometer showed a level difference of 20 cm, then the pressure head difference of water between the two tapings will be

Question 2

Four cars, with a mass of 1500 kg each, are loaded on a 6 m wide, 12 m long small car ferry. How deep, in cm will it sink in the water?

Question 3

When a body floating in a liquid is given a small angular displacement, it starts oscillating about a point known as

Question 4

During the experimental determination of metacentric height the movable weight of the ship is found to be 50N & at a distance of 5m from the axis. If the total weight of a ship is 5000N & the angle of tilt is 1˚. The metacentric height is  

Question 5

A block of steel floats at a mercury-water interface as shown. Then the ratio of a and b for this condition will be _________. (specific gravity of mercury is 13.57 and that of block is 7.85).

Question 6

The pressure difference between point B and A in centimeters of water is

given: SA = 0.80, SB = 1 and Sm = 0.65. Where, S = specific gravity.

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