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GATE 2024 ME: Fluid Mechanics Quiz-2

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Question 1

The centre of pressure of any submerged plane vertical surface is _______

Question 2

A cylindrical container contains milk upto a height H and pressure at lowest point is P. If the diameter of the cylinder is reduced by 50 % with milk remaining at same height H , the pressure at lowest point will be ______.

Question 3

 A circular plate of diameter 1.5 m which is placed vertically in water in such a way that the centre of the plate is 3 m below the free surface of water.The position (in mm) of centre of pressure from the free surface is _____.

Question 4

A hydraulic press has a ram of 20 cm diameter and a plunger of 5 cm diameter. The weight (in KN) lifted by the hydraulic press when the force applied at the plunger is 700 N is ____. 

Question 5

Rectangular plate 0.75 m × 2.4 m is immersed in a liquid of relative density 0.85 with its 0.75 m side horizontal and just at the water surface. If the plane of plate makes an angle of 600 with the horizontal, pressure force (in KN) on one side of the plate is ____.

Question 6

The horizontal component of force on a curved surface is equal to the _______.
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