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GATE 2024 Mechanical: Fluid Mechanics

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Question 1

Which of the following is not related with the ideal fluid properties ________?

Question 2

A fluid of density 1200 kg/m3 at 1 atm pressure is compressed to 101 atm pressure isothermally. If the isothermal compression is 4.810-5 atm-1, the increase in density in kg/m3 of fluid is

Question 3

A spherical water droplet of 1.2 mm in diameter splits in air into 60 smaller droplets of equal size. Find the work in micro Joule required in splitting up the droplet. The surface tension of water in air is 0.073 N/m.

Question 4

A 0.15 m diameter journal run in a bearing 0.3 m long. The lubricant used has a specific gravity of 0.855 and a kinematic viscosity 1.81 stokes. If the radial clearance may be assumed to be uniform and equal to 0.05 mm, determine the power required to overcome the viscous resistance of lubricant when the journal rotates at 300 r.m.p.?

Question 5

A plate 1 mm distance from a fixed plate, is moving at 500 mm/s by a force induces a shear stress of 0.3 kg(f)/m2. The kinematic viscosity of the fluid (mass density 1000 kg/m3) flowing between two plates (in Stokes) is ________.

Question 6

Calculate the capillary effects (in mm) in a glass tube of 4 mm diameter, when immersed in mercury. The temperature of the liquid is 20 °C and the values of surface tension of water and mercury at 20 °C in contact with air are 0.0735 N/m and 0.48 N/m respectively. The contact angle for mercury is 130°.
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