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GATE 2022 ME: Engineering Mechanics Quiz - 3

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Question 1

A straight rod of length L(t), hinged at one end and freely extensible at the other end, rotates through an angle θ(t) about the hinge. At time t, L(t) = 1 m, (t) = 1 m/s, rad and θ(t) = 1 rad/s. The magnitude of the velocity at the other end of the rod is

Question 2

It is observed that a bus is moving with a speed of 90km/hr loses it brakes. If the driver happens to carry the bus into the runaway hill, then how will the vehicle travel before it comes to a stop?

Question 3

Two pieces of steel and brass weighing 20 N and 10 N respectively fall freely under the action of gravity from a tower. For the two pieces which one of the following will be equal after falling an equal distance?

Question 4

Calculate kinetic energy of an artificial satellite revolves round the earth with a relative velocity of 800 m/s. If acceleration due to gravity is 9 m/s2 and gravitational force is 3600 N, calculate its kinetic energy.

Question 5

A rod of length 4 m and uniformly distributed mass of M=40 kg, is released from the rest position which is inclined at an angle of 45 degree to the vertical. Assume acceleration due to gravity, g=10m/s2. At this instant the magnitude of angular acceleration (in radian/s2) of the rod is

Question 6

A block is connected to a vertical spring having adequate damping and stiffness. The block was pulled down thus stretching the spring and then release it. Thus the motion resulted due to it;
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