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GATE 2022 ME: Engineering Mechanics Quiz - 2

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Question 1

Two identical trusses support a load of 100 N as shown in the figure. The length of each truss is 1.0 in: cross-sectional area is 200 〖mm〗^2; Young's modulus E = 200 GPa. The force in the truss AB (in N) is _________.

Question 2

A truss of 8m span and 4m height is loaded as shown. The angle which the net reaction at A makes with the vertical is ____________.

Question 3

For a statically determinate frame, which of the following is the correct graph between number of members and number of joints?

Question 4

Determine the force in the member DB

Question 5

For the truss shown in the figure, the forces F1 and F2 are 9 kN and 3 kN, respectively. The force (in kN) in the member QS is

Question 6

A truss shown below

Calculate force in member CD and its nature

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