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GATE 2022 ME: Engineering Mechanics Quiz - 1

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Question 1

A vegetable vendor weighing the vegetables using a weighing pan, the weight of the vegetables is lesser than the weights in the pan. The vendor holds the weighing scale with its hand thus applying some force. The forces thus analyzed forms a :

Question 2

Centre of gravity of a triangle lies at the point of concurrence of

Question 3

The free body diagram of member AB is :-

Question 4

The uniform rod in figure weighs 400 N, length of the rod is 12 m

Determine the angle ɵ in degrees.

Question 5

In a free body diagram, which information is correct?

Question 6

A body acted upon by three forces and is in equilibrium. If the magnitude of is 750N. Then the ratio of forces to i.e. is
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