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GATE 2022 : Electrical Measurement Quiz 5

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Question 1

The sensitivity of a Wheatstone bridge depends upon

Question 2

Kelvin double bridge is best suited for the measurement of

Question 3

The various resistance of a wheat stone bridge are shown in figure. The battery has an internal emf of 8 V with negligible internal resistance. If the sensitivity of galvanometer is 12 mm/µA with an internal resistance of 150 Ω.

What will be the sensitivity of the bridge in term of deflection per unit change in resistance.

Question 4

A resistance of 90 Ω is measured by voltmeter-ammeter method with a 1a ammeter having a resistance of 3.2 Ω & 65 V voltmeter having a resistance of 4500 Ω. Suppose that the voltmeter method is preferred to measure the accurate value of resistance with I = 0.46 A and V = 45 volt. What will be the error in measurement in Ω if the accuracy of the instrument is ± 0.6% at full scale.

Question 5Multiple Correct Options

Forward resistance of each diode measured in bridge connected rectifier is 10 Ω and infinite in reverse direction. Moving coil has resistance of 10 Ω that gives full scale deflection for 10 mA. Suppose instrument connected to source voltage of (100√2 sin ωt) volts and wants to read correct RMS value at half of full-scale value. Then choose the correct option(s):

Question 6

The Guard terminal in the measurement of high resistance is
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