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GATE 2022 : Electrical Measurement Quiz 4

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Question 1

A translational potentiometer has the resistance wire wound around a card of length 20 mm. If the number of turns is 40 per mm, find the resolution of the potentiometer.

Question 2

A simple slide wire is used to measure current in the circuit. The voltage drops across a standard resistor of 0.2Ω is balanced at 80cm. The magnitude of current if the standard emf of 2V is balanced at 60cm?

Question 3

The four arms of a bridge are:

Arm ab: A capacitor of 0.5 μF in parallel with a resistance of 400 ohm.

Arm bc: 300 Ω resistance

Arm cd: 900 Ω resistance

Arm da: A capacitor 2 μF in series with resistance R2

The bridge is supplied with a sinusoidal voltage, the frequency at which the bridge will balance is

Question 4

For the bridge circuit shown in below figure find the value of  R and C in a condition when bridge is balanced.


C2 = 0.05 μF, R3 = 20 kΩ

C4 = 300 pF, R4 = 1.2 kΩ

Question 5

What is the frequency of oscillation of the circuit shown is

Question 6

A potentiometer wire is 10 m long. It has a resistance of It is connected in series with a battery of e.m.f. 3 V and a resistance of . The potential gradient along the wire in volt/meter is
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