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GATE 2022 : Electrical Measurement Quiz 3

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Question 1

Which of the following material is preferred as a shunt for extending the range of measurement of a voltmeter ?

Question 2

A moving iron type ammeter has fewer turns of thick wire so that

Question 3

A current i(t) is passed through a moving iron ammeter, find the reading of meter?

i(t) = —5 + 6sin(ωt + 30°) — 8cos (2ωt + 60°)

Question 4

The inductance of moving iron ammeter with full scale deflection of 140° at 2 A is given by the expression L = (600 + 40θ – 3θ2) μH, where θ is deflection in radian from zero position. Find the value of current (in Amperes) for which the meter deflection will be 100°?

Question 5

A moving iron voltmeter can measure up to 100V. It has a resistance of 200Ω. The copper coil has 0.1H inductance and 50Ω resistance connected in series with non-inductive 150Ω resistance. What should be the value of capacitor to be connected with series resistance so that it will read both AC and DC true values (in μF) ?

Question 6

An analog voltmeter uses external multiplier settings, with a multiplier setting of 20 kΩ, it reads 440 V and with a multiplier setting of 80 kΩ , it reads 352 V. For a multiplier setting of 40 kΩ, the voltmeter reads ?
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