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GATE 2022 : Electrical Measurement Quiz 1

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Question 1

The voltage waveform shown in figure below is measured using a half wave rectifier and PMMC . The scale of meter was calibrated in terms of rms value of sine wave. The value of error in reading will be __________%.

Question 2

Two resistors with nominal resistance values R1 and R2 have additive uncertainties, respectively. When these resistances are connected in parallel, the standard deviation of the error in the equivalent resistance R is

Question 3

A set of independent current measurement taken by four observations was recorded as 115.02 mA, 115.11 mA, 115.08 mA and 115.04 mA. The range of error (average range) will be-

Question 4

In the given below figure the PMMC ammeter is used for the current measurement. When switch is open at time ‘t’ instant, needle deflects to 5mA & sets back to 4.6 mA at steady state.
Which of the following statement is correct ?

Question 5

A resistance of 105 ohms is specified using significant figures as indicated below:

1) 105 ohms

2) 105.0 ohms

3) 0.000105 mega ohms

Which of the following statement is correct ?

Question 6

From the two ammeters, we get I = 10A (±10%) and I2 = 8A (±5%).

If I1 = I – I2. Estimate the relative error in the value of I1 (in % estimated


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